Custom Solutions

Keeping in mind all the internet age has to offer

Innovative and customised computing for you

The opportunities of tomorrow are spelled G-A-U. That stands for General Authentication and Authorization User management. The GAU platform follows industry standards such as RESTfulness and responsiveness that paves great ideas of interconnected applications to be rapidly implemented onto any type of device. The GAU platform is developed, maintained and owned by us so that the highest level of leverage, quality, security and adaptability can be achieved for you.

There is no standard solution for any business on the globe. Corporate culture varies from company to company and each operation has a unique set of requirements. We offer custom projects where we can run a full spectrum analysis of the requirements, and design the software infrastructure to meet all the requirements concerned.

Have 30+ year-old data? Don't worry! We are very experienced in integrating legacy data and running data washing projects so that you can continue to run your core business data on a modern back-end platform, and at the same time, make integrations with future apps fully possible.

Do you manage servers on your own today? Well, you shouldn't anymore! For a fragment of the time and money, we can build you a private enterprise cloud that can be scaled up or down in just minutes.