Redburst Technologies AB is a company founded 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. Our mission is to provide GPS-driven Mobile Apps and Cloud Solutions to streamline our customers business process. We specialise in market sectors such as Mail, Leaflet, Magazine distribution and Fleet Management.

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Recent News

2020-01-06 As of today we can proudly announce that we have launched our new App for parcel distributors. The launch is made together with TAB @ Swedish Post (PostNord) and the EarlyBird cooperative. Contact us for further information here.

2019-11-01 We are celebrating 12 years of operations in the UK market! Late 2007 we approached a few Direct Mail companies and with great enthusiasm short after we launched our first Tracking App and Mapping tool. Today we have:

   - Superior Apps and Tools for Planning, (GPS) Tracking and Verifying
    direct mail distribution.

   - 24/7/365 customer support.

   - Hundreds of Direct Mail companies using our solution.

For this occasion we bring you a new and stable tracking app as well. This is a newly and 100% rewritten app to bring optimal stability for utilising fine tracking with minimal issues. Check it out on Google Play here.

If you are interested in Letterbox Check please learn more here: here.

2018-10-22 We are super excited to tell you that as of today we have enabled our Letterbox Check cloud service with its full functionality in Australia! The property database is based on the G-NAF (Geocoded National Address File). You can finally track and verify your distribution with great accuracy. Read more: here

2018-07-06 We are happy to announce that we have finished development of our new enterprise mail platform. Redburst Addressed Products is our latest product line that is at the verge to be installed at TAB which is a magazine distibution business owned by the Swedish post PostNord.

2017-10-01 We are happy to tell you that we have technology enabled a shuttle network today! does now have a new booking solution, client and supplier login, aswell as a driver app. Europe Shuttle is an High-End version of uber with additional services such as minibuses, coaches and event management.


Our customer support is always open Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (GMT). Call us on: +44 (0)20 3795 8402 or e-mail us at:


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